Eddie realizes that he was a jerk.  Finally!!! He convinces Rose to go out on a real date with him, and she reluctantly says yes.  I think that Rose forgave Eddie too easily.  She should not have said yes after how cruel Eddie was to her.  Another thing I picked up on during this song was that Eddie says “talkin’ queer.”  This was a slight at the LGBT community and could very easily be changed to “talkin’ weird.”     

This song is beautiful, but it does show a very weak side to Rose.  The last line of the song always strikes me.  ”For a moment he convinced me I could be pretty, funny.”  She should not need to be told by a guy that she is pretty.  The line “makeup won’t make any difference, it’s still the same old face,” also sticks out to me.  She is putting too much emphasis on what she looks like and not thinking about what is on the inside.  I would change this song to be about overcoming the cruelty of those marines and realizing how much of a better person she is than them.  

This clip is from the movie version.  It takes place when Rose just found out about everything that was going on.  I think this is a great scene, showing a woman standing up for herself after having been treated horribly.  She does say that if she were a man she would beat him to a pulp.  I’m not saying that violence should be the answer, but just because she is a woman does not mean she cannot beat him to a pulp!

That Face!!!! The way this song is put together makes it sound like a love song, but then put in context of the story it becomes very cruel.  This is played during the dogfight when all of the couples are dancing, and the girls are being judged on who is ugliest.  Some of the worst things said during this song are “bigfoot alert”, “beast in a skirt”, “you roped a nasty one”, “thunder thighs”.  All of these things are said about the girls that were brought to this “party” not knowing that they were part of an ugliest girl competition.  The bad part for me is knowing that these are marines talking, so boys will see them as honorable.  Boys who watch this will think that there is no problem treating women in that bad manner.  

Until 4:19 in this song Eddie Birdlace is asking Rose Fenny (the other main character) to the dogfight.  There really would not be much wrong with the song if we did not know that everything was a lie.  Eddie seems like a very respectful guy and is saying very nice things to Rose.  After 4:47 a new song starts.  This song takes you through Rose getting ready for the party.  She is obsessing about the way she looks.  At one point she says “Keep it soft, keep it bright, be a girl, something Pink, don’t you think.  Just a touch, not too much he likes you, just be you, he won’t care what you wear.”  Even though she says that he won’t care what she wears, she keeps on worrying about what she looks like.  She also keeps saying that Eddie is “nothing short of wonderful” but does not know him at all.  She just met him a few minutes ago!  Even though I love Nothing Short of Wonderful, I would have to say that it should be kept out of the musical if it were revised, to be gender fair.  There are so many stereotypes reinforced about having to look good for the hegemonic male that it is a very bad message.     

Revision #2:

Hey, Good Lookin’ is one of my favorite songs to listen to from the musical.  How would I change it to make it more gender fair?  If the guys would just stop lying and be genuinely nice to the girls, that would at least be a start.  The line that I mentioned in the last post about the girl being a lesbian should also be taken out.  It is very distasteful and seems offensive.  Speaking of the LGBTQIA community, there is no mention of any gay marines.  This is based in a time when it was very taboo to be in the military and out as gay, so it makes sense considering.  Even so, it would be more LGBTQIA friendly if they showed some guys asking guys out.   

This song is when all of the marines are asking girls out to the party.  The girls have no idea that they are being asked because they are “ugly.”  Around 1:05 Eddie Birdlace (the main character) says to one girl “no fiance, no boyfriend? Well if you ain’t a lesbian my name’s Eddie Birdlace!”  Throughout the song the marines are lying over and over again, saying things like “the cancer is spreading to my liver” in order to get the girls to say yes.  They all seem like really horrible people.